AIS Service Positions

Terms run from January 1 through December 31.  All Officers and Coordinators are elected for a 3 year period.  Dual members (double winners) are eligible for all positions with the exception of Chairperson and Co-Chairperson.



  • Plans agenda & conducts meeting 
  • Answers correspondence and returns phone calls in a timely manner
  • Resolves issues by use of the traditions and Concepts of Service.
  • Attends Area World Service committee (AWSC) meetings (and Area Assemblies if possible)
  • Prepares report for AWSC meetings
  • Coordinates for meeting space (if needed)
  • Obtains mail from the P.O. Box when the Treasurer is not able to pick it up in a timely manner and distributes it to the proper officer.


  • Responsible for planning and conducting the meeting in the absence of the Chairperson
  • Serving an unexpired term of the Chairperson if necessary.


  • Takes minutes of the meetings
  • Prepares the minutes and sends them to the Chairperson for approval
  • Emails the minutes to the group (and alternate group) representatives
  • Keeps a current list (name and email address) of Group Representatives and Alternate Group Representatives from each meeting within Anne Arundel County and the District 23
  • Sends a reminder email to all Group and Alternate Group Representatives at least a week prior to the scheduled AIS meetings.  This reminder notice will include the meeting agenda as an attachment


  • Obtains mail from the P.O. Box in a timely manner and distributes it to the proper officer.
  • Collects money from groups, giving receipts when necessary 
  • Deposits money promptly
  • Pays bills promptly 
  • Keeps ledger of income and expenses and balances with bank statement monthly 
  • Prepares quarterly reports for meetings
  • Prepares an annual budget – to be voted on the last meeting of the year for the next year



  • Keeps all sections of the website current, by reviewing and updating sections as new information comes in
  • Checks the emails received and forwards the emails to the appropriate person for response on a weekly basis
  • Periodically does the research to assure our process is the best it can be 

Directory Coordinator:

  • Keeps a listing of current groups, times, meeting places and contacts 
  • Keeps the list of group meetings on the website current
  • Gets directories printed when needed 
  • Distributes the directories to District Representatives for distribution within each district

Alateen Coordinator

  • Encourages fellowship involvement
  • Helps staff new meetings
  • Provides public information and speakers about Alateen when required
  • Holds sponsors’ meeting(s) 

Public Outreach Coordinator:

  • Encourages fellowship involvement
  • Makes contact with local professionals
  • Mails/delivers info to public as requested;
  • Coordinates meetings for professionals;
  • Purchases public outreach literature as needed
  • Forms committee to help with contacts and mailings
  • Provides speakers and/or people to staff literature table at events when requested

Answering Service Coordinator:

  • Maintains the voice mail box
  • Coordinates the volunteers needed to check the voice mail box and return phone calls as needed
  • Ensures volunteers have current and accurate information about Al-Anon meetings
  • Compiles a quarterly report of calls received
  • Periodically does the research to assure our process is the best it can be